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Located in the heart of Worcester, The Elgar School of Music is housed in specially adapted buildings, which provide attractive and well-equipped studios for individual and small ensemble tuition, together with a recital room for performance and group activities. 
We pride ourselves on being a music school that provides something for everyone and we are delighted to receive newcomers to music, as well as continuing professionals.
On this website you will find details of classes, staff members, activities, and information on how you can become involved with one of the county's finest arts organisations.

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New interactive & accessible concerts series coming soon!

TERM DATES 2023-24


Term starts: Monday 11th September

Half term: 30th October - 5th November

Term ends: Sunday 17th December


Term starts: Monday 8th January

Half term: 12th February - 18th February

Term ends: Sunday 24th March


Term starts: Monday 15th April

Half term: 27th May - 2nd June

Term ends: Sunday 14th July

While the school survived the closure of the building during the pandemic, our reserves have taken a hit and we are working hard to build them back up, and to build a bursary pot to support our students as much as possible.

If you could consider donating on top of your tuition fees, even a small amount, or making a one-off donation to the School, we would be very grateful. Your money will safeguard our future and help keep us going for years to come.

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