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Little Rumba

Deep in the Welsh Marches amidst the most beautiful scenery, you will find one of the most extraordinary bands in Britain. They have been hiding away, playing the pubs and parties of the Welsh Borders for the last twenty years, honing their remarkable rich romantic tunes. Only recently have they emerged to share them with the world. Little Rumba’s musicians come from very different musical backgrounds which is why the band presents such a unique blend of styles.


The band writes all their own music and over the years this has developed an instantly recognizable house style which owes debts to East Europe and South America as well as jazz and blues. Recently a musician friend hearing the new album for the first time remarked “I know what this is. It’s Tom Waits meets Tom Lehrer” and indeed the music and the lyrics possess both humour and a haunting melancholy.

Jazz, Blues, Tango, Parisian Cafe
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