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Elgar Entertainment Agency

Marie McNally - clarinet, John Hymas - violin & accordion,
Joanne Jefferis - cello, Deborah Anderson - bass

You are in a forest at midnight. Shafts of moonlight shimmer through the trees and suddenly you come across a glade with an ensemble of musicians making the most beautiful sounds. This is the world of Quartette Lunoire.


Quartette Lunoire use lighting and set design to create a magical atmosphere in which to perform their music. The effect is that of a moonlit woodland glade.


Quartette Lunoire is essentially a classical act comprising clarinet, violin, cello and double bass although the music is not so easy to describe.

The current programme features a piece written by violinist John Hymas entitled 'Neck of the Woods' which draws influences from many genres of music including jazz and folk and this is followed by John's arrangement of Kurt Weill's Little Threepenny Music, which has many jazz and tango elements. 

Classical, Jazz, Tango
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